• Blog 5 Formula for Success / Creating XTC Part 5

    It’s hard to believe it is 2014 already. With whitetail hunting seasons quickly coming to a close for most hunters it’s a great time to reflect on this past season, start getting ready for the next season and time for us to resume the monthly Whitetail XTC Blog.   We left off in October with […]


  • Formula For Success / Creating XTC part 4

    The time has finally come ladies and gentleman. It is the day we dream about from the last day of season until this moment. Like a kid dreaming of Christmas, we have officially entered the fall bliss of the archery opener all across the country.   With that being said, we at Whitetail XTC wish […]


  • Formula For Success, Creating XTC Part 3

    September already. For some of you lucky readers deer season begins this month. We at Whitetail XTC would like to wish you the best of luck and please stay safe out there by never forgetting to wear your safety harnesses. Here in Indiana we still have a month to go before the season opener and […]


  • Formula For Success, Creating XTC part 2

    Here we are already in the dog days of summer with Fall fast approaching. Welcome back for the August installment of the official Whitetail XTC blog.   This month we continue where we left off in July breaking down “Xtreme Tine Candy” and culminating the professionals involved in the composition of our unique formula in […]


  • “Formula For Success, Creating XTC” Part 1

    Welcome back for the July 2013 installment of the official Whitetail XTC Blog. This month we will begin to break down Whitetail XTC’s Xtreme Tine Candy. Our overall goal is to answer your questions and shed some light on the benefits and use of Xtreme Tine Candy as part of your whitetail management strategy in […]


  • Hello Whitetail World

    Whitetail XTC is located in the heart of the Midwestern whitetail country landscape of Southeastern Indiana. Whitetail XTC LLC.  is made up of three individuals who each bring their own unique gifts and talents to the business, but more importantly are active outdoorsman and hardcore whitetail fanatics.  It may surprize you to know that Whitetail […]


  • Welcome to the new WhitetailXTC.com

    Welcome to our new site. Our new design allows us to promote awesome videos from our Pro-Staff (trophypursuit.com), post super-cool blog articles about product details, upcoming products, events and useful hunting tidbits and last but not least, to make Xtreme Tine  Candy easily accessible for all you serious hunters and managers. Stay tuned as we […]