“Formula For Success, Creating XTC” Part 1

Welcome back for the July 2013 installment of the official Whitetail XTC Blog. This month we will begin to break down Whitetail XTC’s Xtreme Tine Candy.

Our overall goal is to answer your questions and shed some light on the benefits and use of Xtreme Tine Candy as part of your whitetail management strategy in a linear and compounding informational format.

Whitetail XTC’s Xtreme Tine Candy was not simply formulated based on the known nutrient statistical data of captive deer within a controlled environment. Although this is logical and a great starting point, this is where the similarities between Whitetail XTC’s  “Xtreme Tine Candy and similar products part ways.

We at Whitetail XTC are hunters first, like the majority of you reading this article.Our goal in formulating “XTC” was to develop a first of it’s kind management tool primarily focused on supplying critical and deficient dietary needs with enhanced benefit to wild free ranging deer.

This was not an easy task to attempt and required the invaluable knowledge and input of a team of professionals across a wide spectrum of applicable sciences with many accumulative years of in field experience. The team was comprised of specialist in the fields of  animal nutrition, ruminants, agronomy, wildlife, whitetail managers, and of course hardcore whitetail hunters.

At this point it is important to point out that despite the tremendous amount of research, resources and attention that has been given specifically to the whitetail deer, whitetail nutrition remains an inexact science with a tremendous amount of variables.

Whitetail XTC is committed to the continuation of R&D and the scientific study of whitetails. Our products will always reflect the latest advancements in the ever increasing knowledge of whitetails and the needs of an enhanced and sustainable environment in which the whitetail deer can grow and thrive.

Now that you know a little bit about the team, next month we will begin to show you the role each member played in the formulation of XTC and how we feel it benefits your management strategies and goals as well as the specific needs of your deer herd.

It is not enough to simply look at a list of ingredients or a guaranteed analysis without first understanding the how’s and why’s in which that list was compiled and formulated.

Thanks for reading and we look forward to bringing you additional installments of the official Whitetail XTC Blog.


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