Hello Whitetail World


Whitetail XTC is located in the heart of the Midwestern whitetail country landscape of Southeastern Indiana. Whitetail XTC LLC.  is made up of three individuals who each bring their own unique gifts and talents to the business, but more importantly are active outdoorsman and hardcore whitetail fanatics.

 It may surprize you to know that Whitetail XTC was not originally conceived of as a “product”, let alone a “company.”  The product now known to the world as Whitetail XTC Xtreme Tine Candy was formulated for personal use in the pursuit of something better in the practice of QDM on our own properties by bringing together a talented team of scientific professionals, and Xtreme Whitetail hunters.

In the absolute truest sense Whitetail XTC is a product made by hardcore whitetail hunters and property managers for hardcore whitetail hunters and property managers. Whitetail XTC started off to address significant concerns and to provide measurable results that positively impact the health and sustainability of our herds. As a commercially available product we will continue with the same innovative spirit and provide our customers the same quality we require for ourselves.

The blogs following this introduction will attempt to explain what makes Whitetail XTC’s Xtreme Tine Candy not simply different from other products in the marketplace but how and why we have taken things to the Xtreme.

The Whitetail XTC  Mission Statement

“Whitetail XTC exists to provide the highest standard of quality products, services and educational content as it pertains to the promotion, protection and responsible stewardship of the creation, our American outdoor heritage and the whitetail deer.”


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