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Attract -> Hold -> Grow -> Enhance -> Capture -> Kill

Whitetail XTC is a high quality single source granular supplement unlike anything else that has ever been available to hunters and managers in the whitetail industry.

ATTRACT: We don’t call Whitetail XTC Xtreme Tine Candy simply because it’s catchy. Deer are irresistibly drawn to our unique blend of all natural ingredients and the distinct sweet aroma.

 HOLD: Deer can’t seem to get enough Tine Candy once it is established and made readily available on your property, thus keeping your herd close to home and in your sights.

GROW: This is where Whitetail XTC really begins to separate itself from the pack. Whitetail XTC was formulated for maximum bodily absorption of critical dietary nutrients deficient in available forage throughout the whitetails’ range. Our supplement is comprised of essential vitamins and minerals blended in the proper balance and in the optimal trace quantities for maximum transfer to bone and body with minimal loss as excreted waste.

ENHANCE: Whitetail XTC is excited to bring you the first product in the whitetail industry to aid in combating some of the biggest threats to your herd’s health and survival. Whitetail XTC Xtreme Tine Candy is enhanced with 100% all natural and safe ingredients to help deter disease causing pests and nutrient robbing parasites.

EHD, Lyme Disease, West Nile Virus, Arterial Parasites, Intestinal Parasites are just a few of the herd devastating health problems caused by common pests. Whitetail XTC also provides: reproduction enhancement, blood and circulatory enhancement, respiratory enhancement, skeletal enhancement, muscular enhancement, birthing and lactation enhancement…..and more.  WHITETAIL XTC is XTREME TINE CANDY!

 CAPTURE: The ability of Xtreme Tine Candy to attract and hold deer on your property gives you the greatest opportunity to identify and pattern your next hit list buck or to determine herd sex ratios and age structure as an efficient management tool.

Xtreme Tine Candy = Xtreme Trail Cam  opportunities.

 Kill: At Whitetail XTC we know that buckets, blocks and bags don’t fill tags….you do! You can trust Whitetail XTC to Attract, Hold, Grow, Enhance, and Capture and we’ll trust you to do the rest. Whitetail XTC Xtreme Tine Candy is an Xtreme tool for Xtreme hunters.


Whitetail XTC is packaged in a 10lb. bag to provide the greatest value, versatility and easy transport to the field. Use the full 10lb. bag for a single observation or inventory site. Use 5lbs (Approx. 1/2 bag) minimally per additional trail camera sites.


Although you can simply pour Whitetail XTC on the ground as a free choice mineral we recommend clearing all debris and turning the soil prior to application for maximum benefit.


January – April refresh every 6 weeks to supplement vitamin and mineral deficiencies through the winter months.

May – September refresh every 4 weeks  when your herd faces the greatest risk of contracting pest inflicted diseases, does are birthing and nursing, and for primary parasite control in fawns.

October – December refresh every 8 weeks for continued delivery of nutrients through all phases of the rut.

For the results you are looking for make Xtreme Tine Candy available year round.

 Warning: Be sure to consult your state wildlife agency for the legal use of supplements in your hunting area.

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